Coronavirus (COVID-19)

KDB's Response to COVID-19

We are facing a truly unprecedented situation as the global COVID-19 pandemic affects our families, homes, communities, and businesses.  During this difficult time, we at KDB Mechanical LLC (KDB) are committed to ensuring safe compliance with Federal and State orders/guidelines.

As construction has been deemed an essential and critical infrastructure by local and state governments, KDB will continue to operate in accordance with local health and community guidelines as shelter-in-place orders go into effect nationwide.

In this evolving situation, we continue to take every precaution to protect our workforce and minimize the risk of virus spread on our jobsites.  KDB has implemented protocols and response plans to manage the COVID-19 risk.


All employees are required to immediately notify their supervisor, HR and Safety, if:

  • They have a pending or positive COVID-19 test or have been in close contact with a person who has a pending or positive COVID-19 test.
  • Close contact is defined as being within 6 feet for 15+ minutes within 48 hours of symptoms onset.
  • When notifying your supervisor, please include the following:
    • Last date on jobsite or at office
    • Symptoms onset date
    • COVID-19 test date
    • People with whom you worked in close contact within 48 hours of symptoms onset (name, company, last date of close contact, circumstance of close contact)
    • Primary work locations within 48 hours of symptoms onset (specify areas within the jobsite or office)
  • Employees with a pending or positive COVID-19 test are required to quarantine.
  • Close contacts of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis are required to quarantine.
  • Following the initial notification, employees are required to provide the company daily status updates.



KDB has implemented a 100% restriction on all business travel until further notice.


Employees are required to provide advance notification of travel to CDC travel alert level 2/3 locations, international locations, and cruises and will be required to quarantine for 14-days upon return home before going back to a jobsite or the office.  Include travel dates and locations and send to your supervisor, HR and Safety.


KDB office personnel continue to primarily work remotely.  The KDB headquarters office in Rockville is open with the following guidance:
  • Visitors must coordinate in advance and should not come to the office if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Everyone entering the office must complete a self-screening (temperature and symptoms) process and sign-in prior to proceeding to the designated work or meeting space
  • Face covers are required in all common areas or when not seated at your designated work area.
  • Maintain 6 foot social distance from others.
  • Meeting rooms with restricted occupancy to maintain social distance.
  • Break rooms and printer areas limited to one person at a time.
  • Daily frequent cleaning and disinfecting routine in place


The following safety protocols have been implemented at all KDB project sites:
  • Employees experience COVID-19 symptoms should not report to the jobsite and should seek medical assessment.
  • Everyone is required to complete the pre-shift temperature screening process.
  • 100% compliance with PPE (face coverings, gloves and glasses).  When required to work in close contact wear either face shield or mono-goggles.  Sanitize PPE at least once per day.
  • Suspend all group tool box talks and replace with handouts to communicate safety information.
  • Suspend all stretch and flex programs when done in large group format. Program may continue when sufficient space is used to create no less than 6’ spacing between employees.
  • Assign tasks so the same workers continue working together day after day versus partnering different workers to help contain and minimize potential exposure.
  • Assign tasks to minimize job site work area exposure and advise workers to not walk to areas non-essential to tasks
  • All break, lunch, transit locations should maintain 6’ distance between
  • Do not shake hands or hold informal social conversations in close contact.


Continuing to keep our sites clean and organized is a critical factor in maintaining safe work environments. These practices will also aid in the containment and reduction in the spread of viruses and we have implemented the following measures:
  • Frequently wash hands during the day using soap and water or hand sanitizer (60%+ alcohol)
  • It is recommended that employees remove work clothes prior to entering their home upon the completion of the workday and immediately washing to avoid potential contamination.
  • Routinely clean all tools.
  • Routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, such as workstations, countertops, and doorknobs.
  • Use effective store-bought cleaning agents and follow the directions on the labels for use or a 10% bleach/water solution if store supplies are unavailable.
  • All common lunch or break areas should be cleaned multiple times throughout the workday.
  • Project trailers/offices to be cleaned 2x daily.
  • No communal food will be permitted until further notice.


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