Howard County Courthouse

Quick Facts


Ellicott City, MD


Government Building


Clark Construction


Wiley Wilson (Peer Review)

Delivery Method

Design-Build P3

Square Footage


Project Summary

The new four (4) story 236,500 square foot courthouse complex will house courtroom rooms, legal offices and public safety facilities for Howard County, as well as an independent 6-story parking facility. The project is being delivered by an integrated design build team as part of a public private partnership (P3) which will own and operate the facility for 30 years before turning it back over to the county.

As the design build mechanical contractor, the KDB engineering team worked with the Architect’s EOR to provide design, coordination and virtual fabrication services for the building’s HVAC, piping and plumbing systems. Additionally, the KDB engineering team provided load calculations, energy modeling, plumbing system sizing and equi8pment selection and specifications review. The building systems included a 580 ton N+1 chilled water plant, 3,500 mbh N+1 heating hot water system with high efficiency condensing boilers, two (2) roof top 18,500 cfm dedicated outdoor air handling units with energy recovery serving zone level fan power induction units and all plumbing systems including a full service dining facility.

All of the building systems were designed using Autodesk Revit software and multi-trade coordinated using Navisworks during the design, fabrication and installation phases.  The KDB coordination team lead multi-trade coordination for the project and utilized Revit fabrication software to virtually fabricate all of the HVAC, piping and plumbing systems for the project including all embedded hanger inserts and sleeve locations.