A progressive safety culture

The safety culture at KDB is based on recognizing that everyone has a responsibility for safety. 

Whether you are a business development person identifying jobs we choose to bid, an estimator developing a pricing plan to do the job, an engineer designing the systems to install or a foreman leading a crew in the field, we all have a responsibility for planning for safety. 

At KDB, we believe:

  • No one is expected to rush through a job if it could compromise safety in any way 
  • At no point for any reason is a task so important that it justifies putting yourself at unnecessary risk 
  • If we cannot do it safely, will we not do it at all until it is safe to do so 
  • Safety drives production and quality 

Meet the Safety leadership team

Joe Visgaitis, CHST

Corporate Safety Director

Mr. Visgaitis has been in the safety field for over 24 years and is a nationally recognized leader in the field. As a member of the ANSI A.10 committee for construction, he represents KDB as well as the other 1,200 plus members of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning National Association (SMACNA) to ensure the safety and health of all construction workers. Mr. Visgaitis is the past Chairman of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Safety Sciences advisory committee whose progressive, passionate approach toward the safety of all employees ensures workers return to their families each day.

His reputation for ensuring the safe completion of large, complex projects as a pioneer of using BIM/VDC technologies in the concept of Safety through Design has resulted in speaking engagements National Institute of Health, Mechanical Construction Association of America, and International Code Council.

Mr. Visgaitis holds a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety & Health.

Kate O'Hara

Safety Director