Fabrication Services

Fabrication Capabilities

With KDB’s use of the latest technology, automation, and proven production processes coupled with a staff comprised of experienced certified welders, we are positioned to deliver the highest quality fabrication services.

Pre-Fabrication & Modularization

The cost effective fabrication and system assembly approach for commercial and industrial applications

Pre-Fabrication and modularization are approaches that subdivides a system into smaller parts called modules or skids, that can be independently fabricated and assembled in a controlled shop environment and delivered to the site, ready to be installed and connected.

We help our customers understand the unique options available for their project.  We will review and evaluate every project’s individual needs, size, site footprint, and other variables to determine the most cost-effective fabrication approach.  Most large projects will allow for some modularization of their systems, and in some cases a combination of modular and on-site fabrication is the best approach.

Benefits of pre-fabrication and modularization

  • Reduces safety risks
  • Cost effective
  • Improved schedules
  • Allows for design reviews and revisions more efficiently
  • Improves product quality
  • Minimizes traffic and congestion at the installation site

Fabrication Facilities

The KDB fabrication facility nears 50,000 SF of under roof space with 2+ acres of outdoor lay down yard and staging area.  The interior facility consists of 25,000+ SF steel shop, 15,000+ SF copper/plumbing shop, 4,000+ SF tooling shop and our 3,000+ SF office.  The vast outdoor area allows for staging of completed fabrication for the scheduled delivery to the project site and provides ample storage space to handle multiple projects at once.

Steel Shop

  • 36″ diameter pipe
  • Vernon pipe cutting machine (4 axes) – up to 24″ piping with ability to cut in all branch connections and factory branch outlets.
  • Track pipe torches and pipe turners for larger diameter pipe
  • (10) pipe welding stations equipped with pipe Worx welding machines with capability to build up to 40′ lenghts
  • Multiple 10-ton bridge cranes
  • Equipped for all roll grooving and cut grooving from 3/4″ to 36″ pipe for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals, sch.10 and sch.40.
  • Fully equipped for fabrication of structural hangers:  90-ton iron worker for shearing and punching, (2) large depth band saws, and CNC steel plate burning table.
  • Indoor certified paint booth
  • Ample space for assembly of modularized pump skids, Steam Stations and pipe racks.

Copper Plumbing Shop

  • Equipped with multiple copper & cast-iron cutting stations
  • Auto actuated saws can cut up to 6” copper while our cast saw can handle up to 8” while any larger is cut with a gas chop saw.
  • Outfitted with T-Drill machine cable for up to 8” copper
  • Multiple fabrication tables to handle several projects simultaneously — (2) fabrication tables for carrier gang bath groups.
  • Dedicated area for fabrication of steel hangers/supports outfitted with a Hypertherm plasma, Miller welding machine and a Hougen 904 Mag Drill
  • Multiple rack stations for racking branch lines to ship out to site on our rack carts
  • Equipped to handle any type of process for industrial plumbing, HVAC & lab work


  • Outfitted to supply our field what they need and if not, we will order for job specific items.
  • In-house tool and equipment repair shop
  • Most updated technology utilizing battery powered tools (over 10,000 items on hand)
  • All items tracked with water wheel tracking system

Shipping & Receiving

  • (3) CDL Drivers equipped with Ipads for delivery signatures and paperless transactions
  • Shared shipping calendars
  • (3) 26′ Stake Body Trucks
  • (2) Service Trucks
  • 48′ Flat Bed Trailers for large fabrication loads
  • 30′ x 26′ staging area

Meet the Fabrication leadership team

Jim Beacham

Fabrication Superintendent